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👋 Hi, I'm Faiz Mokhtar. A software engineer from Malaysia 🇲🇾 who recently went deep down the rabbit hole of manual brewing and pour-over coffee. I created this website so that I can journal about my past brews and to keep track of all the useful resources that I refer to.

A beginner's perspective.

🧰 Brewing Equipments

Brewing equipment that I use:

  1. Hario 02 Dripper V60 (resin plastic)
  2. Hario 01 Dripper V60 (resin plastic)
  3. Timemore Chestnut C2 coffee grinder
  4. CAFEDE KONA electric pour over kettle 700ml
  5. Timemore digital scale 2021
  6. Aeropress
  7. Kalita Wave 155 (stainless steel)
  8. Hario Cold Brew Bottle
  9. Clever coffee dripper 600ml
  10. Hario Technica Coffee Syphon TCA-3
  11. Tiamo mini portable gas burner

📚 Coffee Resources

My personal notes and useful links that I regularly refer to.

Learning Notes

Useful links

Demystifying Jargons

There are a lot of jargons that I initially don't understand when I started learning about manual coffee brewing. Here are some of the jargons that I "demystify" to make learning easier.

Coffee Jargons 101

☕️ Recent Brews

My recent brews. I try to jot down all my previous brews so that I can replicate and experiment easily.

Tasting notes and rating may differs.


<aside> 👉 Link to all of my previous brews


Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans that I use to brew my coffee. I bought most of my coffee from coffee roasters that I can find in Shopee MY.

Coffee Beans

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